Long trip around the world

It was a long way to fly to Buenos Aires for a business trip, but travelling with a stop over in NYC was set to break the trip up. Not only was this the first time Wyamee had been to the G20 Young Entrepreneur’s Alliance (YEA), but it was also the first time the founder had been to Argentina. In the build up to the trip Alex Mitchell chair of IoD 99, who was the leader of the UK delegation, had shared the delegation list attending from the other G19 nations. Read more about Alex Mitchell’s commentary from his experience here: Behind the scenes at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance summit

Our first itinerary event in Argentina with the UK delegation was an invitation to attend the UK ambassadors residence and meet Mark Kent. 150 attended, which included delegations from other countries and it proved to be a whirlwind introduction to the Argentinian economy and the opportunity ahead of networking with business founders from other countries.

UK Ambassador in Argentina

Global Networking

Although the summit had lots of interesting discussions and sessions throughout the event, it was actually the evening social networking that offered the biggest opportunities. It was here that we met other delegations from different countries and learnt about their businesses and explored potential partnerships.

At the end of the event we came away with global contacts scattered around the world who are willing partners to help us launch UK products in their own countries, or leveraging their own network of contacts. Wyamee now has a global network of contacts that we can utilise to help our own client products launch internationally.

As part of the event closure, Wyamee, along with the other UK delegations were asked to be ambassadors for Argentinian businesses wishing to launch in the UK, something we’re already in talks with people about.

G20 Summit