Smart Bot Solutions

The smart bot solutions for businesses

Do you need help with bookings, appointment or task reminders, online quotes, job applications, case updates, calculations, marketing, process automation?

Wyamee is now helping clients integrate cost effective smart bot solutions into their online business products and services.

...Check out how smart bots could help your business

Customer Service

We can help you setup customer service bots to help provide 24/7 support

Client Engagement

Let our bots help you improve the overall engagement when they use your digital products

Alerts and Notifications

Send important real-time alerts to clients, or employees as SMS text messages, emails, or alarms

Automated Workflows

Use bespoke workflows to streamline your digital business processes to help reduce workload

Feedback and Evaluation

Improve how you obtain feedback or evaluation from your clients or employees

Advice and Guidance

Do your clients or employees need dynamic & responsive advice or guidance from your services?

Managing Appointments

Do your clients need to book appointments, services, restaurant tables or hotel rooms?

Interconnected job bots

Do you have multiple systems that bots could help unify and pass information or actions across to?

Check out how we set it up for you...

Smart Bot Experts

Our team of experts help work with your business to translate processes and procedures into automated workflows, so that we can build the bot technology around your individual business needs and requirements.

With our knowledge of building software solutions, we can quickly develop clever systems that can help transform your business that not only saves you money and time, but also improves your services and processes. Depending on the complexity or simplicity of the work, we charge by the hour or day.

Once the template bot processes are created, we then charge you nominal amount per month to use the technology. This is smart and intelligent technology systems at really low cost prices.

We can help you integrate smart bots into popular platforms....

Messenger Bot
Slack Bot
Telegram Bot
Twilio SMS Bot