Product User Motivational Matrix

The Ecosystem Motivations Matrix is used to dig deep into the motivations that push entities in the ecosystem to join the platform. It tracks the advantages in participating (needs met, opportunities provided, positive outcomes) and what each entity can “give to” others. In this matrix we track what is the potential to exchange between the different roles (PA, PP and PC) and also the intrinsic motivation for participants to join the platform.


After the matrix has been compiled, you can use the intrinsic motivations as a mean to shape your value proposition towards these players and fill out the Platform Design Canvas in the central boxes: “Core Value Proposition” and “Ancillary Value Propositions”. Building Platform’s value propositions in line with existing intrinsic motivations is central to the implementation of a shaping strategy: convincing everyone in the ecosystem that joining the platform will be a winning move is essential to the Platform’s success.