VivoClass is a skills and character-building platform that uses gamification principles

VivoClass is a skills and character-building platform, proven to realise student potential in school, at home and in life.

The Vivo platform uses a powerful gamification engine, playful content discovery, and a positive social network to drive positive behaviour change in schools and ‘nudge’ students to engage more, learn more and make better choices.

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Wyamee acts as an online marketing consultant for Vivo helping with SEO, content marketing and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) for lead generation.

For SEO, our key input has been helping Vivo ensure that selected parts of the site’s internal content (available for logged in students and users) is indexable by search engines.

A particular issue to overcome has been the site’s use of AngularJS, which is a very powerful and elegant framework ideal for single-page applications, but does come with certain SEO issues which we have to overcome using pre-rendered html versions of content.

Finally, in regards to tech SEO consultancy, we have advised Vivo on their switch over to different domains. Moving domains can have a large negative impact on search engine rankings if not done properly.

On the Content Marketing side our role has purely consultative.

Vivo has a large team of writers and they are advised by developmental psychologists using various educational frameworks to target and craft their articles (e.g. frameworks such as “21st Century Skills”, “Emotional Intelligence” and “Employability”) as well as frameworks from educational institutions such as Ofsted, PiXL and Sport England.

Clearly these are very involved, and in some cases technical, pieces of content for which we could not contribute, but where we have helped is in teaching the editorial team how to structure and format articles and multi-media pieces for maximum visibility in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

The CRO work is about maximising lead generation and is an ongoing project. We use a combination of optimised Landing Pages with PPC campaigns (standard search, remarketing and display) any by refining and iterating over time, we are successfully raising lead volume while simultaneously bringing down cost-per-lead.