MovingOn Magazine

MovingOn Magazine is a website offering Careers Advice for School Leavers

Design and Development

We designed and built this website on the WordPress platform, which was chosen for the ease of use for MovingOn Magazine’s journalists who publish news and updates on a daily basis.

There are also articles from the bi-monthly (hardcopy) magazine which all have accompanying graphics and hi-resolution pictures, so we made account for that in the overall structure of the site.

There are also a couple of APIs pulling careers and apprenticeships data into places like the Careerometer section.

The next scheduled update is to build in a video serving platform for both internal and externally produced careers-focused multi-media.

SEO and Digital Content Marketing

Since June of 2015, our in-house SEO and Social Media team have been advising the magazine’s journalists on writing and publishing for the web.

This has involved a couple of ‘away day’ training sessions as well as regular keyword and topic analysis reporting that helps editorial plan the content calendar and overall content strategy.

Since our involvement, monthly visitor sessions have increased by 75% year-on-year whilst engagement KPIs such as page views per visitor, bounce rate and time on site have also improved.