C-me Colour Profiling

C-me Colour Profiling helps you gain invaluable insight to develop you, your team and your business

Helping teams and business perform

The C-me Colour Profiling system was developed with its application in mind.  It helps individuals, teams and a business determine the preferred way of doing things and is quick and easy to use, but importantly very accurate.

C-me uses the colourful language of Red, Yellow, Green and Blue to bring the psychology to life and ensure it can be applied comfortably to everyday life.

This psychology is based on years of experience gathered from the team behind the product and application.

Each person / user is given an online link to complete a short questionnaire that takes round 10 minutes to complete.

After the evaluation piece is completed, a report is generated and can be sent directly to the person, to the team leader, or it can be used as part a coaching or workshop setting.

The report currently includes the following features:

  • Core Report
  • High Performance report with additional sections focused on the behaviours linked with high performing teams
  • Safety report – with sections on safety leadership strength and weaknesses
  • Overview report – a shorter report often used in recruitment (bulk only)

Wyamee took over the system in October 2016 and have been carefully developing the system so it can be scaled up and used in higher volume. We’ve helped take a prototype system and enhance it into a business enterprise level application. It’s built on Java and Javascript languages.