Mobile App Marketing – Wyamee’s Five-Step Guide

mobile app marketing

Building a strong mobile app marketing plan

Having a tailored template or custom app for your business is not enough in this increasing competitive world without mobile app marketing.

It’s essential and development includes mobile app marketing at its core if your product is going to reach the right audience. Without mobile app marketing, it’s unlikely your customer will even know your application exists, let alone download it.

So how can brands get their app noticed and drive new downloads? Here’s we’ve put together our list of five must-haves in any mobile app marketing plan.

#1 Connect with niche influencers

These days there are expert bloggers covering every possible sector from the hugely popular fashion and gaming industries to accounting, construction or carpet fitting. If you can think of topic to write about, there’s a strong chance somebody is already doing it. This is key to mobile app marketing if you want a targeted audience to hear about your application.

There are a number of ways brands integrate influencers into their mobile app marketing plan. The most common is reviews which, if your app is up to scratch, is probably the easiest way to generate positive coverage. At Wyamee we also like to reach out to key influencers during the development and invite them to join our test panels. By incorporating influences into your mobile app marketing plan at an early stage, you will you be able to build a strong relationship but their expert views could help improve your app during development.

It’s important to consider which influencers you want to work with. While putting together a mobile app marketing plan, it’s easy to be tempted by influencers who have the most followers and industry recognition. While these are important, at Wyamee we always approach influencers who have the expertise we’re looking for. This will add more credibility to your mobile app marketing plan and can reap greater rewards in the long run over short-term, high-follower goals.

For instance, if you want somebody to review your hospitality app, only influencers who blog about hospitality should be considered for your mobile app marketing plan. Make sure they understand the sector your app is entering, chances are they’re feedback will be invaluable for your mobile app marketing.

#2 Build a strong online presence

It’s vital your mobile app marketing plan utilises all available platforms to maximise reach. Promoting your app on your own marketing channels, including your website, social channels and email marketing, is a must but we would always suggest creating channels dedicated to your application. That means a standalone website which incorporates your applications targeted keywords to increase SEO. Landing pages on both parent and app-dedicated sites must include download links, your app’s features, USP and call to actions.

Your mobile app marketing plan should include a topical, engaging content strategy. It’s important to start sharing this content in the lead up to launch and make sure to provide updates on latest features to maintain interest in these early stages. When it comes to posting this content, get your influencers to help spread the word too.

#3 Listen to your users

Evolution is an important part of any mobile app marketing plan. It’s why user feedback is so important, especially during the early phases. All the planning in the world cannot make users like your app’s functionality if it doesn’t suit their needs or desires.

Ask early users to contribute feedback and evolve your app, marketing strategy, keywords, content and or features. This information will be invaluable in creating a loyal user base and robust, engaging app. Pay attention to small complaints, respond to every app store review (in the Play Store at least) and provide solutions to problems. Keeping on top of these communications channels is the best way to consistently evolve and improve your app.

#4 Make your launch event a big one

Launch events are an integral part of any mobile app marketing plan and enable brands to reach a target audience in a big way. Through a pre-launch, you can generate buzz around your application and tempt people to download it before it’s publicly available.

With a bit of innovation, social media platforms can garner excitement among your potential users. Make sure you post interesting testers, videos, content and images across your social channels to generate as much interest as possible. When announcing the application’s launch, you can organise events and invite influencers, VIPs within your industry, as well as mainstream and online press. Use the opportunity to connect with them all and secure future coverage of your application.

#5 Optimise keywords

One of the most important factors following launch is the discoverability of your product in the app stores. According to Kissmetrics, an Apptentive report revealed approximately 63 per cent of iOS users find apps organically but sifting through options in the app store. Meanwhile, TechCrunch reports an incredible 83 per cent of all iOS apps are zombie apps – which means they are invisible in the organic app store.

You may get lucky and be featured by the app stores, in which case your app will receive coveted front-page positions but we suggest you do not rely on this option. Instead, the above figures highlight the importance of keyword research and optimisation. The main purpose of this is to attract organic traffic to your website and app, which is possible by examining industry trends and staying abreast of app-store optimisation strategies. This should be an integral part of any mobile app marketing plan.


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