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  • 30th June 2017
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What are chatbots?

The term ‘bot‘ in chatbot applies to the process in which web or mobile app software performs a task, usually, in response to a chat based input by the user.

Bots can be described as an automated experience designed to help engage customers on a more personable level without a human.

 chatbot system

Types of chatbots

  • Customer Service: The most common type of chatbot businesses use are customer service bots. Instead of relying on human reps, customer service chatbots help online users answer frequently asked and service questions, as well as check online orders.
  • Marketing Bots: Many brands use chatbots messaging to achieve their marketing objectives. Based on conversation with users, marketing chatbots will guide them toward relevant content and products.
  • Product-Specific Chatbots: Many times, brands struggle to improve the core functionality of their products. Product-specific chatbots gather data based on customer usage of the chatbot to help the company improve their product line.


Why is everyone talking about chatbots?

Chat systems are becoming integral to day-to-day interactions between us.  According to Facebook, Messenger now has over 1.2 billion monthly users.

To break this down further, the total number of photos sent through Messenger by users is 17 billion per month.

facebook messenger statistics 2017

We’ve seen how 19 year old Joshua Browder created a chatbot system called DoNotPay for free legal advice.  He’s recently upped the number of chatbots to 10,000 and it’s gaining a lot of media interest.

Customer Services and ROI

There’s no question that Chatbots are transforming the way customer service is delivered, but also how services are delivered.

Popular voice assistants are already integrating chatbots to perform tasks such as; Apple’s Siri, Amazon Echo’s Alexa, Google’s Allo and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Chatbots are already providing lots of tangible ROI such as:

  • Lower labour costs
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Enhanced customer journey
  • Personalised advertising
  • Reduced telephony costs

 chatbot example

Chatbots in the context of digital marketing

We predict that chatsbots will probably transform the way companies think about digital marketing, SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising.

We’ve already seen how SEO rich data snippets for product information, transformed how people advertise ecommerce on Google search.

Based on this we wouldn’t be surprised if Google add chatbots to their search indexing criteria.

In simple terms this means that websites that use chatbots will gain additional ranking criteria, compared with those that don’t use them.

Here’s a quick summary of how we see chatbots helping with digital marketing:

  • Improving user experience
  • Building brand awareness and new channels
  • Enhancing user engagement
  • Sending personalised messages
  • Automating tasks
  • Directing users to buy services or products

Integrating Chatbots into PPC Strategy

Think about the digital marketing strategy that you use now.  You’re trying to raise awareness about your products and services, to help users develop trust in your business and then hopefully buy or activate some form of conversion that benefits your business.

Traditional ‘Call to Actions’ on websites and mail campaigns don’t always deliver the results companies hope, usually because the content is generalised for a mass audience.

We’re not telling you stop doing this, because it still works, but imagine adding user experiences that communicate with your customers on a personal level.

The purpose of PPC is to get people to click through to relevant content on a website or mobile app.

Once you have them on the page or screen you want them on, the next big task is making them convert into something, whether that’s to buy a product or service, or sign-up to newsletter.

This is where chatbots become integral to the conversion process, because it becomes easy to gather information about your customer and personalise the content for them.

The golden aim in PPC marketing, is to create personal experiences.  It’s this what improves conversion rates dramatically.

So if you weren’t convinced before, hopefully you can see how the power chatbots can play in digital marketing


Wyamee Chatbot Development

If you would like to integrate chatbots into your digital marketing, or as an asset to your business in the way it provides customer service, or personalised customer experiences then we can help.

We use some of the popular platforms such as FlowXO, which are inexpensive.  We can provide you with training, or help you setup chatbot workflows up.

Fill out the contact form below, or phone our office for more details to discuss your requirements.


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