Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development is at the core of what we do here at Wyamee.
We develop mobile applications for all aspects of B2B and B2C, as well
as creating efficient systems to increase turnover.

Mobile App Developers

We develop mobile apps with web service components, including APIs for a variety of platforms, each with their own unique features, including Android and Apple iOS using hybrid HTML working across tablets and mobiles. We also take care of your app store submission for you.

Tablet & Mobile

When it comes to mobile apps we design user experiences for tablet & mobile devices in iOS, Android, Microsoft & Amazon Underground. When we can, we reuse code but always redesign UIs/UXs to suit your needs.

Web Services & APIs

Increasingly web and mobile applications need to communicate and pass data between each other securely. We build web services using standards and principles such as SOAP and REST.

App store submission

We help you to submit your app to marketplace. We have cloud and testing environments to manage the alpha and beta releases, capture bugs and implement fixes to ensure your product is robust.

Google Android

Android has become increasingly popular due to the growth of android devices. We develop Android apps using Eclipse and Android Studio and help release alpha and beta versions through the Google Play store.

Apple iOS

Apple iOS was the first to market and still competes closely with Android. It's one of the most robust operating systems out there. We develop everything natively in Xcode and help you publish to Apple’s app store.

Hybrid HTML

Hybrid mobile app development is the holy grail. It means developing one code structure that can be released across multiple platforms. We develop hybrid apps using PhoneGap and Cordova.