Create React Native Will Revolutionise SME Mobile App Development

Facebook’s new Create React Native tool allows developers to easily build mobile applications without the need of creating two platforms for the iOS and Android Operating Systems.

create react native app

With the launch of the Create React Native App (CRNA), the usual requirements of Xcode or even a Mac to build iOS apps go out the window. It’s the same for Android Studio and other platforms used for Android software.

The new Create React Native App (CRNA) project that was announced earlier this month is a collaboration between Expo and Facebook. It’s a blend between the existing Create React App and the Expo app used to run apps developed with the Expo platform.

Create React Native App Simplifies Development

The big point here is this. Create React Native App works for iOS and Android projects on any Operating System (OS). Or, to put it simpler terms, one app fits all. All the tools used by CRNA are open source, meaning projects result in no proprietary technology or vendor lock-in.

This is fantastic for developers for two reasons. Firstly, it will reduce development times without the need to create two separate apps for each OS. Secondly, this decreases costs… dramatically.

Create React Native App Integrates Existing APIs

The beauty of React Native is that developers will be able to access APIs for functions like camera, contacts, maps and Facebook authentication. This cuts down development time, improves testing and reduces the amount of time specialist iOS and Android developers need to spend on a project.

The functionality available is fairly limited right now but we’re sure Facebook and Expo will continue releasing further APIs as the platform evolves. For now, if the scope of your build requires more than the available APIs, you can build what you need, eject the platform and continue the development in Xcode or Android Studio.

Create React Native App Will Boost SME Market

For the SME market, the available API functions cover the majority of requirements often laid out for smaller, audience-specific applications. With its efficiencies, Create React Native will dramatically reduce development costs for this type of application and this in turn will make app development a more realistic proposition for smaller businesses. In short, we believe it’s going to revolutionise the way developers deliver applications in this way.

The idea behind React Native is to make the process of building and testing mobiles apps as simple as with web applications. For years, mobile app developers have struggled to efficiently build two applications to suit two OSs, especially when it comes to testing and sometimes submission. The advantage of CRNA’s tools used by open source also means there’s no requirement to have previous accounts with Expo.

‘One of the biggest advantages of CRNA is that we built it from the ground up to not require integrating with Expo’s accounts or services,’ said Expo developer Adam Perry. ‘If you’ve already opted-in to those services, then you’re probably getting what CRNA offers plus a little extra. That said there are definitely some areas of CRNA that have had more polish than Expo’s current tools.’

Create React Native Builds Rich UI/UX

By using only JavaScript, the Create React Native App lets you compose a rich mobile UX from declarative components. We’ve covered this already, but the importance is huge – with Create React Native, developers can build mobile apps just like any other built using Objective-C or Java. The greatest part is that it uses the same fundamental UI/UX building blocks as regular Ios and Android apps without compiling.

You may be able to tell already but we couldn’t wait and have already been looking into Create React Native’s capabilities and how they can improve our client’s ROI and decrease costs for some new builds. If you have any projects you would like built using the Create React Native app, then get in touch today.

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