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Is Software like Football?

Software is like football. There are leagues and we all fall into those leagues, we get to move up through those leagues by…
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Mobile App Myths & Why They’re Wrong

Mobile App Myths - The question is no longer ‘Should I have an app?’ but ‘What can apps do for my business?’ We…
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custom mobile applications

Custom Mobile Applications & Their Benefits

The Custom Mobile Applications industry is growing rapidly. Each day more businesses realise the potential of digital and develop customised applications that facilitate…
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create react native app

Create React Native Will Revolutionise SME Mobile App Development

Facebook’s new Create React Native tool allows developers to easily build mobile applications without the need of creating two platforms for the iOS…
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Mobile Apps Provide SMEs With New Opportunities

Small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are rapidly moving towards mobile apps, according to new research by Clutch, with 42 per cent of…
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app advertising

App Advertising Models – Wyamee’s Seven-Model Guide

App Advertising Models Smartphone app advertising models reached an incredible $100 billion in 2016. As a result, there has been a huge rise…
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Picture of a person attending a conference using Beacon technology

Revolutionise your Conferences and Events with Beacons

Dramatically increase your audience participation by up to 235% and generate new revenue from your events, using Beacon technology Beacons are small pebble…
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A Dating App in time for Valentine’s Day!

Big news for all of us at Wyamee - today we officially launched our biggest mobile app project to date. Suitably timed for Valentine's…
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