My Offshore Software Agency Didn’t Deliver

So you made the dive into developing your own product using an offshore software agency, easy isn’t it? 

Dealing with offshore teams has countless pitfalls, but in this article I’m going to focus on the most common problem our clients come to us with about.

This isn’t a small closed case; it’s a regular occurrence.  Clients come to us because the offshore team hasn’t built what they asked for, or worse something completely different or buggy.

Let’s be honest, the main driver for using them is because of how cheap they seem, so hand over your cash and send them your requirements and that should be enough right?

Buy cheap buy twice as the old adage goes!

So what are you going to do? You’ve sunk thousands into a project that’s now over budget, not finished or completely different to what you expected and you don’t really know if the work done is up to standard.

Issues aside you need a solution and that’s what we’re here to help do, but most of our clients need it fixed yesterday.

Check Point 1

Do you have access to code? Have you been given any documentation about the software?  Without any documentation or code it’s going to be impossible for us to do anything.

Trying to understand someone else’s software without documentation is like trying to read a foreign language.  It could take a company like Wyamee weeks if not months to decipher it.

Check Point 2

Is the code any good? You probably have some knowledge but unless you’re a programmer it’s going to be really hard for you to understand how good the quality is.

They’ve told you its been tested, but again how do you know, have you been project managing the software all the way through?

If the code is poor, buggy, or you’ve ended up with lot of stuff you didn’t ask for, prepare to bite your pillow. You might have to start all over again.

Check Point 3

What we do is hard to quantify, in most areas what you pay for is what you receive. Not in software!

How good is the company you’re using do they understand your business?

You’re hoping to generate sales and revenue from the app, have they helped you conduct cost-benefit analysis and build a software financial model?

Did they show passion in understanding what you wanted from the application?

Did they make suggestions on how to improve the application or how to get the most from it?

How about them making recommendations to reduce your costs, or release a minimum viable product (MVP)?

Ask yourself these questions, before you start a project and be careful if the company is asking for more money to complete the work.

Contact us and we’ll be helpful, we’ve taken over lots of projects where we’ve addressed and fixed these issues.




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