Web And App Design Trends That Will Evolve UX In 2017

It’s been an exciting start to the year in web and app design terms. We have seen a number of new tactics and tools implemented to achieve maximum impact and thought it was a good opportunity to share the latest trends and evolutions in web and app design.

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Wyamee’s taken a closer look at what’s been going on and have outlined the trends set to fuel evolution in web and app design this year… Enjoy!

Web and App Design Trend #1. Immersive, full-screen video

Dynamic full-screen videos began taking over web and app design in 2016 and this is sure to continue given the strong brand message companies can portray. Video grabs users’ attentions quicker than any other form of media. In a well excepted fact that vision’s the most powerful sensory perception and influences quickly.

Videos allow brands to clearly communicate their message with a tailored feel, whether that be sophisticated, fun or creative.

#2. Rapid Prototyping Tools Will Enable Swifter Evolution

Rapid prototyping is one of those web and app design tools that’s silently grown into a big thing, and it’s easy to understand why. These rapid prototyping tools have quickly become the must have for UI and UX designers because they allow you to prototype a design with writing any code. Tools like UXpin, Webflow, InVision, Marvel and Sketch are easy to use. The platforms allow designers to push the boundaries safe in the knowledge they can test a UX without the time required to build.

#3. Illustrations

Illustrations are more compelling than static images. With illustrations, brands can incorporate colours, themes and broadcast their character visually. Most important of all, in an age where full-screen visuals are appearing everywhere, illustrations help a brand stand out in a competitive world.

When coupled with parallax scrolling, illustrations make a lasting impact. We know static images are irreplaceable and that videos create more dynamic designs but illustrations can subtlety tell a story in the way the other two can’t.

#4. Lively Colours And Gradients

The year 2013 beckoned one of the biggest trends in web and app design – flat design. After four years as a leading trend, flat design has reached a maturity and begun to integrate other design elements. Initially the use of bold and vivid colours allowed designers to optimise the effect but now gradients and shadows are offering a new dimension to flat design.

Today we see the simplicity and down-to-earth feel of flat design combined with the attention-grabbing aspects of Skeuomorphism. The end result looks fantastic and can be seen in many of the latest apps, websites and mobile sites. It’s sure to continue and evolve further given that flat design on its own no longer allows unique, standalone brand personalities due to its popularity. Lively, vivid colours easily instil a new energy and dynamic feel. In short, flat is no longer flat but the overall flat interface still offers simplicity and ease of access.

#5. Parallax

Parallax has often been a point of contention between designers, SEO-optimisers and digital marketers but there can be no argument at its ability to convey a message and feel. A huge number of websites have used parallax to successfully tell their story and communicate brand messages.

For those who don’t know, parallax is a scrolling effect that makes the background move slower than the foreground of a design while you’re scrolling. It’s not just a stylish fad but a great way of offering a fast-paced, engaging UX. So long as the parallax is created without too many visuals and you can maintain fast-loading speeds, it is unparalleled in relaying a brand’s ethos and message.

#6. Animations

Micro-interactions have already established themselves as a crucial design element (essentially whenever you log-in, pick a password, favourite or ‘like’ something, sync data etc. you are engaging with a micro-interaction). These are always going to be important but an action’s impact can be increased with on-screen animations, which are now being used for more interactive elements.

Animation provides a fun, compelling way of engaging a visitor or user to feedback or perform the actions brands want them to. In short, animation can easily forge a stronger connection with users to perform micro-interactions.

#7. Other Trends To Watch

To keep things fairly brief, we’ve concentrated on the new or recurring trends above but there are other areas of design evolution that are sure to take hold this year too. These include card and grid layouts, you’re sure to see more designs in this format, and horizontal scrolling. We will be covering horizontal scrolling separately soon as it’s a guaranteed growth area given its ease of use for tablet and mobile. The last is more dynamic micro-interactions, so keep your eyes peeled!


It’s going to be a big year for web and app design. Wyamee will keep you up-to-date with the latest trends throughout the year and showing you how we’ve implemented them in our work, so stay tuned.

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