Mobile Apps Are A Necessity For E-Commerce Business

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Things move quickly in digital, especially when it comes to mobile apps. It wasn’t that long ago when everyone was taking about the dot com boom and how it would put conventional businesses on the backfoot. The predictions came true and brands that failed to move with the times were dealt a harsh blow.

The Dawn Of Mobile Apps

Roughly speaking, that was the Noughties. Now we’re on the verge of another paradigm shift with the growth of mobile apps and the impact they have had on our lives. If you don’t know what Google Play Store or iOS is in this day and age, you may as well be from another planet!

Today there’s an app for just about everything, from ordering food to calling a cab and a seemingly-endless list of other services. In short, mobile apps now dominate our lives as both consumers and businesses and the trend is here to stay.

The Advantage For E-Commerce Start-Ups

Existing business owners have either evolved with the times and integrated mobile apps or have learned the hard way through loss of market share or other setbacks. With this in mind, unlike previously, start-ups can gain a huge advantage by investing in a custom mobile app to streamline their business.

It’s why we believe mobile apps are a must-have for any e-commerce businesses and here are five reasons why:

1. Consumer Preference & Awareness

This has been discussed at length before but it’s important to stress the huge number of mobile tech-savvy consumers out there. In today’s fast-paced world, mobile apps make tasks quicker and more efficient. Consumers have realised this and are beginning to rely on apps to improve their shopping experience, both in digital and real-world terms.

2. Your Brand, Your Way

With mobile apps, businesses can use whatever strategy they like to enhance brand visibility. Audience reach may be a lot higher with the likes of old-school TV advertising but the conversions can be tiny, making this a hugely expensive exercise. An app provides the potential of communicating directly with your target audience while securing permanent branding on their device. An app could be informative, drive sales, or simply engage an audience with your brand. The point is that it’s entirely up to you. The creative possibilities are endless, as this app by Audi shows – it’s essentially a car-manual with augmented reality… what a great idea! It shows the possibilities are endless, allowing brands to get creative and engage without funding expensive campaigns like television advertising.

3. Hassle-Free Payments

This is going to be the app feature of 2017 and it’s easy to see why. With physical money becoming less relevant, digital payment platforms such as Android Pay and Apple Pay go hand-in-hand with mobile apps. Consumers are becoming more reluctant to share their card information on an array of difference websites and it’s understandable given the amount of security breaches reported in the news. It makes sense to keep all that information in one secure location – a mobile phone. E-commerce start-ups will gain an advantage over their competitors if they develop an app with this feature. It’s a crowd pleaser that’s sure to boost your brand.

4. Enhanced Function & User Experience

The level of personalisation that can be offered to consumers through mobile apps is unparalleled. Brands can edit out all the unnecessary details and focus on the products an individual consumer wants. This streamlined user experience enables brands to get their message across without any distractions. This is maximised with engaging user interfaces that improve a consumer’s browsing experience and instil loyalty in your brand.

5. Ease of Access & Maintenance

If you’re using external applications for everyday business requirements, including customer interactions, it’s a business risk. This is because you’re dependent on a platform you do not control. What if that application shuts down for good, or developers cease to support it? Not only will you be forced to find a new application but your existing client list will suffer, affecting relationships and ultimately damaging your brand. Custom mobile apps gives you control of all customer interactions from day one and you can personally oversee maintenance (and build in the features you need first as the app evolves).

Mobile Apps Are Here To Stay

Mobile app users spend 18x more time on mobile apps that in websites. It’s been said that mobile apps are a trend that will one day be irrelevant as technology evolves. This is a dangerous view for business owners to have. Mobile app development is going to help fuel evolution of technology and as platforms become more powerful, apps will be the critical tool for any business. They are already a necessity in e-commerce, as explained, and are rapidly cementing pinnacle positions within all consumer-facing industries.

In Conclusion

With the digital solutions available today, finding, targeting and converting a market segment has never been so accessible. Custom built mobile apps hugely increase the chances of success. It’s a marketing channel that’s here to stay and anyone not considering it as part of their marketing strategy have already lost the advantage.


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