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Wyamee came into our business to help productise the way we thought about our software and the product ecosystem surrounding it. They quickly got to work with our internal team developing product roadmaps, business analysis, UX reviews and technical audits.  We’re really excited to what the next 5 years brings us and I would highly recommend their approach and product knowledge to anyone.

Brendan Walsh
Managing Director, Bowland Solutions

Jamie and the team at Wyamee played a key role in helping to develop the C-me product software. They added value through ongoing ideas, innovation and technical expertise and were always willing to go the extra mile to deliver what was needed – often within tight time frames

Lizzie Westlake
Marketing and Development Director, C-me Colour Profiling

Jamie and his team are a talented and energetic team, being able to add strategy, leadership and management to the tasks we set. Their processes and quality of work were very high. We gave them very tough and demanding deadlines and they handled them in a confident and professional manner. I would highly recommend Wyamee.

Nick Meads
Company Director, Octane Communications Studio

If you are looking for more than a technical solution provider but a more strategic partner, go to Wyamee. They deserve to grow and acquire quality clients.  As a result C-me Colour profiling has grown 60% in the last 3 years and the future looks good too.

Simon Wilshire
Chairman of the Wilshire Group

Moving from a great idea to a product is what 99.9% of people fail to do. Articulating your proposition to different users is difficult, but Wyamee have helped us develop our product and focus our proposition.

Jonathan Worth
Co-Founder & Director of Research Rhizome Live